Pitweiler – Strong and Loyal Medium Dog Breed (Pitbull Rottweiler Mix)

Tri Colored Pitweiler

The  Rottweiler Pitbull mix is a hybrid dog that combines the impressive prowess of a Rottweiler and an American pit bull terrier. Everything from its temperament to how it looks will take after its parents. It means that you can expect to get an independent, intelligent, agile, and loyal canine, but the physical attributes remain unpredictable. When appropriately trained, these dog breeds make an excellent addition to your family and a protective guard dog at the same time.

But before you get a Rottie Pit, there are several considerations that you must face. These dogs are subject to stereotyping and may gain negative remarks from your family and neighborhood. Both parent breeds have a reputation for being strong-willed. It will require lots of patience and determination from your end to help them become well-behaved adult dogs. Coming from highly-intelligent parents, you can also expect them to learn quickly. Their independence and stubbornness sometimes make it challenging to train them, but if you are confident in your capabilities of handling such a strong mix breed, then you will be okay with your decision.

Read on to know more about the surprising traits, care, exercise, and training needs of the powerful Rottweiler and Pitbull mix.

The Pitweiler Has a Powerful Origin

Adult Pitweiler

Pitbull Rottweiler mix is one of the famous groups of mixed-breed dogs known as a designer dog. These are the dogs that have been bred deliberately with the use of 2 purebreds. Crossbreeding is done to achieve better health, improved physical attributes, and temperament. But some breeds are crossed without clear intent on what breeders want to achieve.

In the case of the Pitweiler, there is no exact reason why they are mixed. The cross was made mostly in the United States. Both parent dogs of this dog mix are dominant, smart, powerful, and have a history of aggression. Thus, seeing a Pitweiler for the first time raises a lot of questions. To understand this crossbreed better, let us get to know more about their parent breed firsts.

The Rottweiler

Rottweiler is a large dog breed weighing up to 135 pounds for males and about 100 pounds for females. They have solid and muscular bodies. These dogs are known for their strength and abilities as a working dog.

Typically, Rotts have distinctive coloration. Most of this dog breed has black coats with rust-colored markings on the legs, chest, and face.

Like most dog breeds, their coats are double-layered, short, and straight. The outer coat protects them from extreme weather, and the inner shorter coat is softer.

The Pit bulls

Pitbulls are not a single dog breed. It pertains to a group of canines that includes several breeds. All of them are linked genetically and are descendants from terrier and bulldog mix.

Pit bull Terrier dogs share similar qualities and temperaments. In some cases, it is not easy to visually differentiate Pitbull breeds. In fact, in some shelters, mixed breeds and unrelated canines are all tagged as Pit bulls.

Physically, Pitbull terriers have bulky, compact bodies with a strong square head. They are medium-sized breeds, but exact height and weight can vary widely according to their breed. They vary in coloration, and some have rare coats in shades of blue or red. They are brachycephalic or short-nosed; thus, they are prone to various respiratory conditions.

What They Look Like Will Always Be An Endearing Surprise

Like other canine mixes, nothing is certain when it comes to the physical qualities of the Pitweiler puppy. They can have different colorations or many markings. Its coat’s color varies according to what the parents look like, specifically the side of the Pitbull terrier. You will find brown and black puppies, to black, white, and brown ones. Whatever color they have, Rottweiler mixes are indeed a beautiful creature.

But they have a coat that is mostly double-layered and shed regularly. These dogs are not particularly weather-resistant; thus, you have to check on them during extreme weather conditions. When it comes to its coat’s thickness, it can have either a short mane similar to the American pit bull terrier or something much thicker when it takes the Rottweiler side. Either way, this breed is not a huge shedder, so you don’t have to worry if you want your pet to stay indoors. Just don’t forget to groom it regularly for your pet to feel and look its best.

A cross between the Rotts and Pits yields medium or large-sized dogs. They can weigh from 60 to 30 pounds on average. Even during the puppy stages, you will already notice that they vary in sizes. However, their puppy sizes do not guarantee their adult size when they are fully grown. Thus, we recommend that you take this mix only if you are prepared to handle a potentially massive, independent-minded, and healthy dog.

It will also have thick padded large paws and strong legs, and a curly and long tail. It will be up to you if you like to leave your pet’s ears cropped or naturally droopy. They are likely to have a broad, square head. For most people, Pitweilers look like extra-bulky American Pit bull terrier dogs.

All in all, you can look forward to getting a canine with a proud appearance, and depending on which parent got the slightly stronger genes, the resulting offspring can have a more obvious Rottweiler or Pit bull gait and look.

Other Names for Pitweiler

The Rottweiler Pitbull mix is a large designer dog crossbreed with exceptional talents in agility, tracking, guarding, and competitive obedience. Some of the most common names given to this hybrid include the following:

  • Rottweiler Pit bull mix
  • Rottbull
  • Prott
  • Rottie Pit
  • American Petweiler
  • Bullrott
  • Rotten Pit
  • Rottweiler Pit

The Pitweiler Temperament

Pitbull Rottweiler Mix Temperament

Just like its physical attributes, puppy mixes generally inherit their parents’ temperaments. A portion of how they behave or act is genetic. For instance, guard dogs will take on guarding instincts. However, a significant part of their temperament is influenced by how they are raised. Early socialization and training will likely lead to a friendly and accepting pet despite their strong territorial instinct.

The Rottweilers are herders, cart-pullers, and guard dogs. They helped owners perform cattle work, guard farms, and were even tagged as “Butcher’s Dog” because of their work type.

These dogs are typically aloof and untrusting of strangers because of their guarding instincts. They tightly bond with their owners and are not overly friendly, nor are they naturally aggressive.

Rotts can independently herd and guard cattle without direct human guidance. These dogs are alert, patient, and they are not as hyper as other breeds. They do not crave a lot of attention, but they love their family and spend time close to them.

On the other hand, the American Pit bull is portrayed as aggressive and independent. But these days, people have realized that they are highly adaptable to family life. They make excellent family dogs and playmates for kids. Pit bulls are people-oriented, and they love cuddling with their owners.

With early socialization and training, American Pit bull terrier can become warmer and less aloof to strangers. They also love playing around, but they remain calm in stressful situations.

Photos of Rottweiler Pitbull Mix

Black rottweiler pitbull mix

Brown pitweiler dog brindle pitbull and rottweiler mix black pitbull rottweiler Pitweiler Puppy rottweiler pit mix

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Pitweilers Are Devoted Family Pets

Who would have thought that a mix of two strong and independent breeds can give you a devoted and loving pet? Pitweilers are laid back canines who can calmly deal with different types of situations. They are not prone to anxiety issues nor get easily stressed. And because of that, they are perfect choices for families who may not be around during the day.

There is no trace of aggression in this mixed breed. Though they inherit aloofness towards strangers, they are not aggressive towards them. They do not care about other people except for their families.

Many people second-guess how their mixed breed canine will behave once they grow up. For the Rottweiler Pit bull mix, there is a lot of misinformation about its temperament, and it can be distressing to some owners.

To find out more about your Rottweiler Pitbull mix puppy’s potential temperaments, try to visit and get to know its parents first.

They are Easy to Train and Socialize

Both Pitbulls and Rottweiler have some genetic predisposition in them to be a bit more aggressive to animals and people compared to other breeds. However, it is essential to remember that once in the right hands and socialized and trained by the right people; the Rottweiler mix can grow to become among the most amazing dogs you have ever seen in your life.

Things can only become extremely dangerous when the two parents or the mixed-breed offspring have been raised within unhealthy environments and don’t get the right socialization and training. When this happens, the canine can grow up exhibiting aggressive and dangerous behaviors most of the time.

This breed is also very popular for mistaking small animals as prey in the wild. It is the very reason why it is a must that you properly socialize your Pit bull Rottweiler mix puppies as early as possible to refrain them from growing up with such behavior.

Also, you have to take note that this breed can again be dominating and become the leader in your relationship with them, a situation that you have to deal with through proper training from a very young age.

But, there is no need to worry because this particular breed is also notorious for its high levels of intelligence and the fact that they love spending quality time with their owners and making them happy, something that you would like to happen during the training. Provided that you know what you are doing when you train this crossbreed, you will not encounter any difficulties during the process.

One more thing to remember is that the breed can also adopt the love for dominance from the Rottweiler and Pitbull parents that can sometimes become evident when you train them, wherein they can act as if they are the leader, and they decide what will go down and what will not.

For those who lack experience in training such breeds, please leave it to the hands of certified professionals who know what they are doing.
Don’t forget that the most important thing here is that, like other dogs, a Rottweiler Pitbull mix will be best receptive to socialization and training when they are still relatively younger. The older dogs become, the more difficult the training will become, as they will be less receptive, with the progress going much slower.

However, take note that there are instances that female Pitbull Rottweiler dogs do not get along with some female dogs. It can be resolved during training and addressed with proper socialization at an early age. Training must also be just about teaching the dog on how to deal with and activities around people properly. It is also about teaching your kids how to deal or interact with the dog.

They Have High Exercise Requirements

The Rottweiler Pitbull mix is a dog that has tons of energy levels inside it. This energy should be released regularly by giving them the necessary outlets for exercise and physical activities throughout the day. Through this, you can be assured that your dog is mentally stimulated and physically healthy. Generally, give your dog sixty to ninety minutes of physical activity daily by running, playing games, walking in the park, etc.

They Are Prone to Certain Health Concerns

Pitweiler dogs inherit their physical appearance and temperaments from their parents. However, it is not only the good things that mix breeds can get from both its parents. They are also predisposed to health concerns that affect both the Pitbulls and the Rottweilers. Here are some of the health issues that you should look out for if you have a Pitweiler puppy mix as a pet.

  1. Hip and Elbow Dysplasia – this condition is common in most dogs, but it is prevalent in Rottweilers. It is the abnormal development of the hip or elbow joint. Dogs with this condition live with worsening pain. It can be corrected through surgery, but it can be a costly procedure.
  2. Cataracts – this health issue is common in both Rottweiler and Pitbull breeds; thus, it is not surprising to see that it also affects the Pitweiler. Dogs with this condition develop an opaque eye lens. It can lead to vision problems or blindness. Fortunately, cataracts in canine can be surgically treated.
  3. Gastric Torsion – commonly known as “dog bloat,” this condition is common in large dog breeds. Bloat can be due to twisting in the stomach, which leads to enlargement of the abdomen. It can be a dangerous condition that can sometimes be fatal to your pet.
  4. Addison’s Diseases – this health condition occurs when the canine’s adrenal glands do not produce much steroid hormones vital for your pets’ health. Some common symptoms include weight loss, lethargy, vomiting, lesson, and loss of appetite.
  5. Aortic Stenosis – this health issue affects the heart and blood system of your dog. If they suffer from these diseases, the blood flowing through their heart decreases, and the aortic valve becomes stiff and narrowed. Some of the first symptoms are intolerance to exercise and lethargy.

Most canine diseases can be prevented with proper care and nutrition. Although these health concerns affect the Pitbulls and the Rottweilers, it does not necessarily mean that your Pitweiler mix will automatically get the same health issues. However, you must pay attention to any symptoms of your pet. Take them regularly for veterinary checks to address any illness before they get worse.

It is Easy to Care for Rottweiler Pitbull Mix

Pitweiler is not renowned for being an excessive shedder, and that means it is perfectly fine for you to brush your coat several times a week. Nevertheless, it can change a bit in shedding season, particularly during the spring season, in which case you might want to up your brushing off their coats to around a day until everything gets back to normal. As far as bathing your dog is concerned, it would be best only to do so when needs arise. Or when there are no special conditions they have that need you to stick to the bathing schedule.

Never forget to brush your dog’s teeth regularly, around four times a week, to ensure that they do not develop any dental issues. The other grooming practices are nail trimming and ear cleaning. These should be left for professional groomers to regularly do as you may go wrong with either of such two and would cause pain to your Pitweiler dog if you do not know what you are doing and do not have enough experience with it. Just remember that this dog mix requires ear cleaning frequently.

Owning a Pitbull Rottweiler Mix is Costly

The puppy, Pitbull Rottweiler mix, might cost between $150 and $800. Some coats to cover include collar and leash, deworming, blood tests, crate, chipping and shots, and spaying. It comes from $450 up to $500. The yearly basic medical requirements for check-ups, pet insurance, flea prevention, and shots might come to $485-$600. Some annual costs include treats, foods, training, license, and toys come to $520-$620.

You also have the option to find a Pitbull Rottweiler mix that is up for adoption. These dogs are one of those mixed breeds that are often misunderstood, and they end up in shelters and rescue centers. Adopting a strong and independent mix also poses several challenges. It should be made clear that adopting an adult Pitweiler mix will require extra effort and patience on your part for them to trust you and for your relationship to work out. Adoption fees are also minimal; some shelters only ask for donations to cover food and shelter, neutering and spaying fees, and adoption processing fees.

A Note on Owning Pitbulls and Rottweiler Mixes

Before pursuing a mixed Rottweiler and Pitbull for your pet, you have to check your local ordinance regarding these breeds. There are states in the US and some other countries where it is illegal to breed or own Pitbull pure-breed and crosses, including Pitweilers. Authorities in these areas consider this dog breeds a danger to public safety; thus, it is not allowed in their neighborhoods.

Pet lovers can debate their Pitbull mixes’ exceptional qualities and how treatment, environment, and surroundings influence a dog’s behavior. But since ordinances and laws are already in place, it is best to abide by them, even if it means that you cannot get a Pitweiler puppy as a pet.

Pitweiler as Excellent Family Dogs

Like having any dog, you need to be sure that you can set aside tons of energy and time to love and train it. The worst thing you can do is delegating such mandatory tasks to somebody else as it can confuse Rottweiler Pit in determining the owner. See that you have a yard because these dogs need lots of exercises and enjoy spending time outside.

Apartment living isn’t suitable for Pitbull Rottweiler mix’s strength and size, so unless you live in the penthouse with its grass and balcony, never consider getting Pitweiler as your pet. You should also make sure that you have the mental and physical strength to train and take care of this dog mix. It isn’t even going to be a piece of cake. The reason behind it is that this dog is strong-willed, yet if you dedicate energy and time to training and socializing it well, you’ll emerge out of it with a best friend that features unflinching love and loyalty and one that’s willing to do everything for you.


Pitweiler, once well-trained, loved, raised, and socialized, can be an excellent family dog, most especially for experienced owners. This dog mix is faithful and dedicated, loving and affectionate, smart, and protective. Nevertheless, the dog is dominant by nature, so you have to deal with that without resorting to the negative measures.

However, the Pitbull Rottweiler mix is often misjudged as an aggressive dog. It is because of the dark history that its parent breeds have. Some people consider them unfit to be family pets or to have around children. It will be up to you to correct this perception.

Do you have a Rottweiler Pitbull mix as a family pet? Did you have a hard time training and socializing them? Please share with us your experience in having this controversial mixed breed.


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