Pitbull Boxer Mix – 10 Important Facts About This Amazing Pitbull Mix Breed

Mix a Boxer breed with an American Pitbull Terrier breed, and you get a Pitbull Boxer mix dog. This kind of dog is one of the favorite Pitbull mixes that families like to have as a pet companion. You can see that this breed have a strong chest, long legs and a solid, yet compact physique. The distinguishing feature of the canine is its face and head. The Pitbull Boxer has a strong jaw with a wrinkled face that carries an expression of worry. But don’t be troubled about its appearance since the dog‘s temperament happy and loving.

So what kind of dog Pitbull Boxer and what is its temperament, diet and the means to take care of this type of breed? If you want to know the answers to the questions above, then have a look at the list of facts below concerning the Boxer Pitbull mix breed

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Pitbull Boxer Mix Lifespan, Height, and Weight

The dog can live up to 10 to 13 years of age, and it is possible to extend its lifespan. Just take good care of the canine and maintain its excellent health with diligence.

A male BullBoxer has the height of 20 to 26 inches (50 to 66 cm) tall, though some dogs of this breed can reach up to 27 inches tall. 50 to 80 lbs or 23 to 36 kg is the average weight of an adult Pitbull Boxer. Females tend to be smaller in height and have less weight.

Health Issues that Affect the Pit Boxer Mix

Various health problems can affect a Boxer Pitbull mix breed. It is vital that you know what these issues are to deal with them. Below is a list of those health issues that can affect the canine:

  • Allergies – Sources of allergies are either pollens, trees, weeds, molds, fleas and dust mites. Sometimes a Boxer Pit mix dog’s allergies can come from food ingredients in fish, meat, chicken or soy. Alternatively, the dog is top the foods themselves. Be aware that some doggie shampoos can irritate the canine’s skin.
  • Heart disease – A specific heart disease that affects this breed is called aortic stenosis. Aortic stenosis came from almost anywhere, but in most cases, a Pit Boxer is born with this problem. The heart’s aortic valve places pressure on the canine’s heart. As a result difficulty in breathing, loss of consciousness and congestive heart failure happens.
  • Hip dysplasia – This problem is a condition in where the dog’s hip joint suffers from malformation causing it to be loose or unstable. A Pit Boxer with hip dysplasia shows an altered gait when it walks or runs. Lameness and arthritic joints are indicators of a severe case of hip dysplasia. All dog breeds suffer from hip dysplasia, though a Boxer Pitbull mix dog is more susceptible due to its ancestry.
  • Cancer – To specific, cancer’s name is hemangiosarcoma which affects the dog’s blood vessel cells. Hemangiosarcoma is hard to detect, but the symptoms are weight loss, weakness, breathing difficulties and a distended abdomen.
  • Obesity – Unlike most health problems that plague the canine, this one is preventable. All one needs to do is serve a moderate the amount of food to the Pit Boxer and make sure that it gets a lot of exercises.

Once you are aware or suspect that your pet is suffering from any of the health issues above, a visit to the veterinarian is necessary. The sooner that the vet can diagnose and treat the dog, the better are its chances of minimizing or removing the problems.

The Colors of a Pit Boxer Mix

A Boxer Pit mix dog comes in a variety of colors. You often can see a fawn, cream, brown, black tan, pure black, white or brindle Pitbull dog. The most common colors are tan, yellow, black and brown.

Other Names of the Pitbull Boxer Mix Breed

The dog breed has different names depending on the group. For the International Designer Canine Registry, they recognize the dog as a BullBoxer. The American Canine Hybrid Club calls the breed a BullBoxer Pit. Both the Designer Dogs Kennel Club and the Designer Breed Registry have the same name for the canine, though the former spells it as “American Bull Boxer,” while the latter spells it as “American Bullboxer.”

Other more alternative names are

  • Boxer-Pit Bull Mix
  • Pitoxer
  • Pitbull Boxer Mix

The Pitbull Boxer Mix Dog‘s Temperament

Some would say that the dog is 50% each of its Boxer and American Pitbull Terrier lineage, but the truth is that 50/50 breed mix is rare. A Pitbull mix with Boxer bloodline will often result in a dog that has a higher of a Boxer than an American Pitbull Terrier or vice-versa. So why is the percentage essential and why is it related to the canine’s temperament or personality?

For one thing, a pure-bred Pit Boxer is more stable in its personality and is less prone to unwarranted aggression. The canine is a friendly animal when it comes to its owners and their family members. The dog can behave appropriately to strangers, other pets, and animals though it may tend to wary when it comes to strangers.

The Boxer Pit mix dog has a high level of intelligence, but just because it is intelligent doesn’t mean that it is easy to train. You will spend a lot of time, effort and invest a lot of patience when it comes to teaching the dog.

Playful, adaptable, territorial and watchful are some of the breed’s other traits. The Pit Boxer is an excellent watchdog and is alert to the danger and unwanted intruders. The canine will bark to alert its home and family of any threat.

Organizations that Recognize the Pit Boxer Mix Breed

At least four dog breeding organizations have given recognition to the Pit Boxer mix breed. These agencies are:

  1. International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR)
  2. American Canine Hybrid Club
  3. Designer Dogs Kennel Club
  4. Designer Breed Registry

Each of these groups recognizes the stature of the breed. But interestingly enough, each one of them calls the Pit Boxer by a different name.

Making Your BullBoxer Pet Exercise Daily

If we humans need exercise to maintain our fitness and health, the same thing applies to Boxer Pitbull mix dog. The breed has a distinct trait of being an active animal that likes to move around. The dog’s physique requires a daily workout to keep it in shape.

The best way to exercise the Pitbull Boxer is to take it out twice a day for a one-hour walk around the block. If you see the canine panting excessively or slowing down, stop walking and give it a 5-minute rest along with some water.

Don’t forget that playing is also an exercise session and you can do it indoors or outdoors. If you are going to use doggie toys to play with a Pitbull Boxer, then make sure that they are durable. The canine has a powerful jaw and can chew things with ease. Additionally, playtime is an excellent way to for you and your family to bond with your pet.

Exercise and playtime will keep the dog away from being bored. Boredom tends to lead to destructive behavior such as digging, loud barking, and chewing.

Be careful in doing too many exercises and play to a Pitbull Boxer mix puppy since injuries to the puppy are often the results. Start first with minor activities like short walks and cut down the playtime length of the pup.

Training and Socializing a Boxer Pit Mix Dog

A Pitbull Boxer mix puppy or adult needs training, and its high intelligence level will allow it to learn correctly, though it is not an easy task to do.

Pitbull Boxer puppies tend to lose focus due to their active and boisterous nature. Adult Pitbull Boxers have a stubborn attitude. All these traits will make the training a hard task. The best way to deal with the problem is to stick to the training routine and firm as well as consistent towards the canine. Avoid being harsh and hand out praises along with rewards when the dog does a good performance. Put some extra effort into training and be assertive in your task.

The best age to train a BullBoxer is when it is at a young age since it is impressionable. You can still teach an adult Pitbull Boxer, though it may be a bit difficult since the canine is more or less set in its behavior. Socialization is for letting the dog be familiar with strangers and other animals. If you have additional dogs or other animals for pets, then socialization is necessary to prevent conflict among them.

Taking Care of the Boxer Pitbull Mix Dog

One beautiful thing about the dog is that you don’t need to spend too much time and attention to maintain and clean its body.

The breed’s coat is short, glossy and stiff to one’s touch. Because of the Pitbull Boxer’s short hair, it is not a heavy shedder. Still, you need groom the hair at least once a week to keep the coat’s condition good.

Believe it or not, a bath every once in a month is more than enough to clean the dog’s skin. You can use a doggie shampoo is you want, but make sure that said shampoo won’t cause skin irritation.

Do not forget to clean the other parts of the BullBoxer such as the ears, teeth, and nails. Make a thorough cleaning of the ears especially after the bath. Brush the canine’s teeth after meals to remove any leftovers and keep it breath fresh. You can do the nail cutting yourself, but if you feel not up to the task, you can hire a professional dog groomer.

The Best Food for a Pitbull Boxer Mix Dog

A Pitbull mix with Boxer dog breed requires the necessary food to keep it healthy and robust. There are several types of dog food for you to pick:

  • Kibble or dry dog food – This dog food has low moisture content has biscuits, mixers or flake foods as ingredients. The advantage of this dog food is that you can store it a dry container for a long time without the need for refrigeration. You don’t need to cook or prepare kibbles, and its crunchiness helps in teeth hygiene. Just make sure you choose the right kind of kibble because some are unhealthy and have no nutritional value.
  • Canned dog food – You can find this dog food in a can, pouches or foil trays. Canned dog food is usually moist with a soggy, but with an easy to chew texture. This diet is the ideal meal for dogs with poor dental health or senior dogs. Canned doggie food has a long shelf life, but a bit expensive, unlike other dog foods. You need to cook this dog food first before serving it. When choosing a canned dog food, look at its water content. The higher the water content, the fewer nutrients it contains. Make sure that the nutrients content outweighs water content.
  • Freeze-dried and frozen dog food – These types of dog foods are raw, and the reason they have to be freeze-dried and frozen is to prevent bacteria from growing. Freeze-dried and frozen dog food is the healthiest type of food that your dog can eat. Raw food is also costly, unlike the other dog foods. Storing frozen and freeze-dried food in a refrigerator is necessary to make it last longer. 2 to 3 days or 3 to 4 days is the limit of time. Handle the food safety and make sure to clean whatever utensils the Pitboxer used. Make sure to wash your hand as well to maintain hygiene. You will use a lot of time to prepare this kind of dog food.
  • Semi-moist dog food – More of a doggie treat than an actual meal for dogs. This food usually comes in sachet packaging, and they look like pellets as well as having a chewy texture. Semi-moist dog food has the least nutrients, so you still need other dog foods to feed your pet.

Assuming you don’t own this dog yet, you need to ask yourself if this is the type of canine pet companion you want. You need to spend time with the dog, and your job or occupation may interfere. A small house or apartment is not the ideal place for a Pitbull Boxer. Then there’s the climate issue to consider. This breed can live only in a moderate climate. Any place with an environment that is too cold or too hot is not advisable.

If you think that the Pitbull Boxer mix dog is the pet you have been looking, then go and find to adopt. If you already own one give it all the love and care the canine deserves. Sure the dog can be a handful sometimes, but all the hard work in keeping happy and healthy is worth it.

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